About Us

At CSTS Semion, we believe that we're at the cusp of a cognitive computing revolution. Tasks and processes that were once impossible or the sole domain of human experts will become increasingly within reach of computer systems. We're experts in this emerging field and have a suite of technologies to prove it. Our business is to customize the power of cognitive automation to serve your business needs.


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How We Work

We build complex socio-technical systems (CSTS) to address knowledge process needs for our customers. A complex socio-technical system (CSTS) describes a system that includes technological, social, and organizational considerations and how they interact with one another.

Our Technology

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Semiotica Technology Suite

We developed a technology toolkit specifically for handling complexity, big data and knowledge engineering. The Semiotica Technology Suite combines the best of what the Artificial Intelligence community has to offer, and brings them together to tackle today's business problems.

Our Industries

  • Healthcare

  • Data Analytics

  • Finance

Why We're Different

At CSTS Semion we know that what we offer is unique.

What We Can Do For You

Many advanced technology projects do not reach their full potential because the underlying technologies have not been properly understood or deployed.

Use case: Example 1

Company A has a team of people who continually monitor select data sources consisting of databases but also natural language documents. Using their in-depth knowledge of the business, these skilled employees are looking to update some internal databases, while also preparing reports for their colleagues. Each day, they need to read large numbers of documents, looking to see if any pertinent information has been published, and make changes accordingly.

While effective, skilled employees are costly, and it would not be an easy proposition to grow the team. Moreover, the loss of an employee could represent a setback for the company, requiring lengthy training and making knowledge retention a key driver for the company.

The Semiotica Technology Suite would allow you to automate a good portion of this effort, allowing you the flexibility of monitoring more datasets, freeing up your team to work on more engaging problems - ultimately allowing the team to handle a higher volume of information and better quality work by improving their efficiency and effectiveness. The development of a custom knowledge model also means that vital domain knowledge is not inaccessible in the head of individuals, but made available to key players in your organization.

Use case: Example 2

You are a company that is looking for ways to integrate research findings across disciplines. You have many researchers in multiple departments, each with its own specialized language. Integration of knowledge and findings across the departments is stifled since keyword search does not work (differing language), and the problem is further compounded by departure of many key researchers (retirement, re-organization, etc.)

We can help you build an interdisciplinary computational knowledge model focused on the requirements of integrating the knowledge from the disparate departments. Most R&D data is findable without needing to know the specialized dialect of each subdomain.